Please note: this meeting's minutes have not been finalized yet. Actions taken on legislation and their results are not available.
Meeting Name: Traffic Committee Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 3/5/2024 2:00 PM Minutes status: Draft  
Meeting location: City Council Chamber, Merced Civic Center, 678 W. 18th Street, Merced, CA 95340
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Not available  
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24-164 1D.1. Consent ItemSUBJECT: Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes of January 9, 2024 ACTION: Approving and filing the Traffic Committee Minutes of January 9, 2024   Not available Not available
23-976 1E.1. Report ItemSUBJECT: Committee Member Reports   Not available Not available
23-969 1F.1. Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #23-22 Requesting A Stop Sign At The Intersection Of Wildcat Drive And St Tropaz Avenue To Prevent Accidents From Occurring. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states cars speed past the intersection from both directions since there is no stop sign. This intersection creates many near misses on a daily basis.   Not available Not available
24-166 1F.2. Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-09 Requesting A Barrier Along Highway 59 To Stop Drivers From Turning Against Traffic. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states vehicles have been stopping to turn against flowing traffic to go into either gas station located on both corners of the roadway. “With as narrow as the Black Rascal Creek Bridge is, and that it is a major thoroughfare with high volumes of traffic at every hour of the day, a barrier of some sort should be erected to stop traffic along Highway 59 north from turning left or right against normal traffic.   Not available Not available
24-188 1F.3. Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-10 Requesting Destiny Dr. To Be Closed To Traffic As There Are No Houses In That Area As Of Now. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states that Destiny Dr. is a frequent spot for trash dumping and suspicious vehicles and should not be open to traffic if there are no houses in the area.   Not available Not available
24-189 1F.4. Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-11 Requesting A Four Way Stop And The Addition Of Crosswalks On K And 21st To Bring Awareness To Drivers Speeding Past. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states drivers are speeding past this intersection at fast and unsafe speeds. This intersection in prone to many pedestrians and children crossing to and from the Montessori school. Even teachers and staff have witnessed or encountered their own accidents. Creating a four way stop and adding crosswalks to the intersection will help bring safety and awareness to this area.   Not available Not available
24-190 1F.5. Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-12 Requesting Signage Or Markings At The Loading Zone Off N And Main Street And Red Paint Or Markings To Distinguish The “No Parking” Spot. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states there are no marked time frames or signage to enforce the loading zone and no parking area. Residents and drivers are left confused when ticketed for using these zoned parking spots.   Not available Not available
24-191 1F.6. Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-13 Requesting Lights Under The Highway 99 Underpasses. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states there are multiple underpasses in South Merced in which the lights in the underpass are out. Many community members that walk the area feel unsafe at night.   Not available Not available
24-192 1F.7. Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-14 Requesting Speed Bumps, Sidewalks, And Lighting On S. Canal St, From Childs Ave. Through 200 S. Canal St. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states speed bumps should be installed near the apartments because there are a lot of vehicles speeding in the area. The street is narrow due to vehicles parked on both sides of the street and not enough apartment parking spaces. There is a lack of street lighting throughout S. Canal and this street can benefit from light posts since its close to the schools and streets are narrow. The corner of W. Childs Ave. and S. Canal can also benefit from sidewalks as they do not extend throughout the whole street on S. Canal.   Not available Not available
24-194 1F.8. Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-15 Requesting Space On Golden Valley Health Center (GVHC) Property To Prevent Traffic And Accidents From Occurring On A Busy Street. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states that there are only two lanes, one that goes in each direction on W Childs Ave. When the bus stops in front of the clinic, it does not leave space for vehicles on the road to keep going and nearly causes accidents. There should be space on GVHC property to prevent traffic and accidents from occurring on a busy street.   Not available Not available
24-195 1F.9. Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-16 Requesting A Controlled Crosswalk Across Golden Valley Health Center In Between N And R Street On W Childs Ave. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states residents that go to GVHC and students in the nearby schools do not have a crosswalk on W. Childs Ave. and have to either walk all the way to R St. where there is little public lighting at night, or at N St., to get across to the other side of W. Childs Ave.   Not available Not available
24-196 1F.10. Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-17 Requesting Flashing Light Alerting Drivers That School Children Are Crossing, Stop Signs To Slow Down Traffic, Or A Left Turning Signal To Prevent Speeding Cars That Are Turning To Go Before Or After Children Safely Cross The Street. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states that the intersection at Alicia Reyes Elementary School, off of N St. and W. Childs Ave., currently does not have a left turn signal light at any of the 4 lights. During drop off and pick up times, when traffic increases the most, many children walk home and cross the street while vehicles speed through and pose a safety risk to the children. There should be a flashing light alerting drivers that school children are crossing, stop signs to slow down traffic, or a left turning signal to prevent speeding cars that are turning to go before or after children safely cross the street. Citizen also states that a crossing guard would help but would not be enough.   Not available Not available
24-197 1F.11. Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-18 Requesting Speed Bumps Or Stop Signs At The Intersection Of P And 5th Street. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states that all 4 roads that intersect at P St .and 5th St. have no stop signs. It has nearly caused many accidents since there are many people that speed through that street. There should be some traffic calming measures such as speed humps or stops signs.   Not available Not available
24-198 1F.12. Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-19 Requesting Traffic Calming Measures Near Tenaya Middle School. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states many vehicles speed on 8th street even though there is a stop sign on the corner of N St. and 8th St. Some additional pedestrian safety measures should be considered such as flashing lights indicating a school zone.   Not available Not available
24-199 1F.13. Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-20 Requesting Stop Sign At Q And 10th Street As Well As Q And 9th Street. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states that Q St and 10th St, and Q St and 9th St., are both intersections that do not have stop signs at any 4 points where the streets meet. Driving through Q St, citizen states that they had to stop abruptly to prevent an accident with other speeding vehicles. Other community members have also mentioned that there are multiple streets in South Merced where there are no stop signs at 4-point intersections.   Not available Not available
24-229 1F.14. Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-21 Requesting A School Bus Zone And “No Parking Zone” Along T Street At Sheehy Elementary. REPORT IN BRIEF Merced City School District is requesting the addition of both zones as part of their moderation at Sheehy Elementary School.   Not available Not available
24-230 1F.15. Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-22 Requesting A Two Hour Parking Zone From N St. To The Shannon Parcade. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states drivers are parking in front of the Civic Center for long periods of time and leaving customers that need to pay their bills having to park at further distances.   Not available Not available
24-231 1F.16. Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-23 Requesting A Two Way Stop Sign For North And South Bound Traffic On Q Street off of 23rd Street. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states that accidents and near misses still occur with the posted yield sign on Q Street and stop signs are necessary for prevention.   Not available Not available