Please note: this meeting's minutes have not been finalized yet. Actions taken on legislation and their results are not available.
Meeting Name: Traffic Committee Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 5/14/2024 2:00 PM Minutes status: Draft  
Meeting location: City Council Chamber, Merced Civic Center, 678 W. 18th Street, Merced, CA 95340
Published agenda: Agenda Agenda Published minutes: Not available  
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24-292 1D.1 Consent ItemSUBJECT: Traffic Committee Meeting Minutes of March 5, 2024 ACTION: Approving and filing the Traffic Committee Minutes of March 5, 2024 ATTACHMENTS 1. Traffic Committee Minutes of March 5, 2024   Not available Not available
23-976 1E.1. Report ItemSUBJECT: Committee Member Reports   Not available Not available
24-419 1F.1 Business ItemSUBJECT: CONTINUED REQUEST #24-16 Requesting A Controlled Crosswalk Across Golden Valley Health Center In Between N And R Street On W Childs Ave. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states residents that go to GVHC and students in the nearby schools do not have a crosswalk on W. Childs Ave. and have to either walk all the way to R St. where there is little public lighting at night, or at N St., to get across to the other side of W. Childs Ave.   Not available Not available
24-396 1F.2 Business ItemSUBJECT: CONTINUED REQUEST #24-12 Requesting Signage Or Markings At The Loading Zone Off N And Main Street And Red Paint Or Markings To Distinguish The “No Parking” Spot. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states there are no marked time frames or signage to enforce the loading zone and no parking area. Residents and drivers are left confused when ticketed for using these zoned parking spots.   Not available Not available
24-392 2F.3 Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-27 Requesting Proper Signage and Markings For Limitations On Loading Zones and The “No Parking” Spot In Front Of The Tioga Apartments On 1715 N Street. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states that many residents have been issued parking citations for parking in the loading zones in front of the Tioga Apartments, yet there is no signage posted that displays the limitations of the loading zone. Citizen also mentions that community members have used the first space closest to the trash bin and received a ticket due to the lack of proper markings on the street designating this spot as a “No Parking” zone.   Not available Not available
24-389 1F.4 Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-25 Requesting Curb To Be Painted Red For No Parking. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states there is a lot of traffic congestion in the McCombs Youth Center parking lot when drivers park along the curb. Painting the curb within the parking lot can support the flow of traffic.   Not available Not available
24-388 2F.5 Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-26 Requesting A “No Left Turn” And “Right Turn Only” Sign At The Intersection Of Sandpiper Avenue And Yosemite Avenue. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states that many drivers coming from Sandpiper Ave onto Yosemite Ave turn left to go around the median island into the Raleys shopping center. Citizen states their concerns regarding the safety hazard this poses. Adding the “No Left Turn” and “Right Turn Only” signs can aid in protecting all drivers.   Not available Not available
24-393 1F.6 Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-28 Requesting The Speed Limit Be Reduced From 30 Mph To 25 Mph On Columbia Avenue. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states many drivers coming from G Street continue at 45 mph while traveling down Columbia Avenue. This neighborhood is filled with children and teenagers who are frequently outside. Reducing the rate of speed would enhance the safety for children in the area.   Not available Not available
24-394 1F.7 Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-29 Requesting A Stop Sign At The Corner Of 12th Street And G Street. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states that the cars and trucked parked in front of the corner apartments along G Street obstruct the view to make a safe left turn northbound onto G Street. There are stop signs at the intersection of 13th Street and G Street as well as 11th Street and G Street, however this does not reinforce safety when drivers attempt to turn left onto G Street from 12th Street.   Not available Not available
24-395 1F.8 Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-30 Requesting Bollards To Be Installed To Restrict Access To The Dead-End Road Of Nottingham Avenue. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen and community states that this neighborhood is filled with constant occurrences of illegal and dangerous activities, specifically taking place in the dead-end road of Nottingham Avenue. This poses a significant safety hazard for citizens in the area. Citizen adds that these dangerous activities also include an accumulation of debris that requires city cleanup resources. The addition of bollards that restrict access to the dead-end road can support a safer environment for community members, while also reducing the opportunity for illegal activities to take place in this area.   Not available Not available
24-432 1F.9 Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-31 Requesting Enhanced Traffic Control Evaluations At The Intersections Of MLK Jr Way And West 27th Street, West 23rd Street And I Street And West 23rd And H Street. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states that there is a lack of signage at the corners of these 3 intersections which can be confusing to drivers on who has the right of way. MLK Jr Way and West 27th Street is a cause for concern with the lack of signage due to this being a high vehicle traffic area with an elementary school a block away. Citizen adds that West 23rd Street and I Street and West 23rd Street and H Street have no signage at either corner to yield or stop. An addition of proper signage would enforce safety measures for residents and school children in the community.   Not available Not available
24-438 1F.10 Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-32 Requesting Proper Signage/Markings Of Public Or Private Parking And Parking/Code Enforcement To The Parking Spaces Along W Main Street Next To The Tioga Sequoia Brewery. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states that the public parking spaces along W Main Street next to the Tioga Sequoia Brewery are consistently reserved for food trucks by the Tioga Sequoia Brewery without proper permits. The employees of the brewery place noncompliant traffic devices into the public parking spaces to reserve a space for food trucks, even when food trucks are not present or will not be providing services that day. This takes away parking for residents who already have a hard time finding a safe place to leave their vehicle and allows employees of the brewery to benefit by taking these spots when available instead. Citizen states employees with also illegally double park to save the spaces, place these traffic devices around community members cars who park there, and food trucks block the crosswalk and road to wait for a space to be available. Adding signage/markings and obtaining per   Not available Not available
24-439 1F.11 Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-33 Requesting A Handicap Parking Space Or A “No Parking” Spot Off Tamworth Court and Nottingham Lane To Better Access The Driveway. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states that their neighbor insists on parking their car in front of their house and blocks their driveway which does not allow them to move their car safely. Designating a handicap parking space or “No Parking” signage in front of the home would allow the citizen to both park and leave their driveway easily.   Not available Not available
24-441 1F.12 Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-34 Requesting Traffic Calming Measures At R Street And 2nd Street, S Street And 2nd Street, And Grogan Avenue And 2nd Street. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states that though there are stop signs at R St and 2nd St., S St. and 2nd St., and Grogan Ave and 2nd St., there are no stop lights, speed bumps, or speed meters. There are many speeding drivers within this residential area who must brake abruptly to prevent accidents whereas others do not have enough time to slow down and fatally struck neighborhood pets. Citizen also states there have been car accidents in this area within the past two years and that establishing other traffic calming measures can prevent further accidents since there are parks and schools nearby.   Not available Not available
24-473 1F.13 Business ItemSUBJECT: REQUEST #24-35 Requesting Red Light Cameras And Traffic Enforcement At The Intersections Of W Childs Ave And N St, R St And 13th St, Childs Ave And Hwy 59/MLK Jr Way, And Hwy 59/MLK Jr Way And 13th St. REPORT IN BRIEF Citizen states that drivers run red lights and speed up at yellow lights which poses a safety hazard at these busy intersections. Many of the traffic cameras are located in the north Merced area, however the addition of these cameras and traffic enforcement in the busier south Merced intersections could support a safer environment for those in the community.   Not available Not available